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REAL DAD Seminar and Training Opportunities



The REAL DAD Seminar 

Looking for a fun yet informative presenter to speak at your event? Bruce Gibbs, the publisher of REAL DAD Magazine, is the presenter you are looking for. Mr. Gibbs believes that presentations should be engaging and not just another meeting. Mr. Gibbs has spoken on a variety of topics including fathering and preparing for college. He was the keynote speaker at a fatherhood conference held in the beautiful Virgin Islands. Mr. Gibbs has presented to teenagers and to adults. Hire Mr. Gibbs for your event and get ready to have some fun!

Fee Schedule:
* Speaker fees: Per speech or half day, will speak multiple times during the day if necessary.

* Normal travel, hotel, & food expenses

* Mr. Gibbs' speaking goal is to uplift your audience and to bring hope .

REAL DAD Seminar: To learn about the REAL DAD Seminar, click here.
Contact Mr. Gibbs: To inquire about Mr. Gibbs speaking at your event,








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