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Day Trip Ideas for Mother's Day


OK guys, REAL DAD Magazine here again to the rescue. You want to plan a nice Mother's Day for your wife but money may be a little tight. No problem. Why not plan a day trip for her? Day trips are easy on the wallet and it will give her the opportunity to visit places either in her backyard or very close to it. If you really think hard, there are many places near you where you can take her and give her the best day ever.



If you are near a beach or in a short drive of it, this is a no brainer, especially if she enjoys the beach in May. Pack the sunscreen, clothes, and toys for the kids so everyone will have a good time.




If she is the spa type, your day trip may just include a drive across town. Because spas offer different amenities, find a spa that includes what she likes and purchase a package for her. In fact, many spas will have a Mother's Day package already waiting for you.






Is she the sporting type? Tickets to her favorite game may suit her just fine. The ticket price may be fine, you'll just have to pony up for the upsell on the refreshments.




Did you marry the outdoor type? A hiking trip may be just what she needs to wind down from the pressure/joy of being married to you and being mom to your kids. You can either let her work off the steam herself or you can join her on the hike and get in some exercise yourself.





City Attractions Tour

Many times people live in a city/town and never appreciate the attractions that thousands of people visit there to see. Pick a couple of attractions in your that are popular (and ones she likes) to tour. This could include aquariums, museums, zoo, etc. Check with your city's visitor's bureau as some cities offer discount tickets if you plan to visit several city attractions.


The Theater

When is the last time you took your wife to the theater, no not the movie theater? If she enjoys a good play, find one and make reservations. If there's not one nearby you may have to drive to the closest metro area.


Hotel Her Time

If you think your wife would enjoy spending the day alone relaxing and reflecting, book her a room at nearby hotel. Find a hotel that include amenities such as a pool and a spa. She can relax while finally getting to read and maybe finishing her favorite novel.


The key to a great Mothers Day get away is to plan early. Start putting your plan in motion now. Picking one of these day trips will make the upcoming Mothers Day one of the best ever.








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