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True Cost of Raising Kids

According to folks at, it will cost a dual parent family with an income of $65,800 around $250,000 to raise a child up to age 18. That's a quarter of a million dollars! For two children you would have to double that. View the numbers for yourself and then come back here to leave your thoughts.

MoneyCentral cost of raising kids

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Top Ten TV Dads

Here we list the top ten dads we believe were the most influential on TV.  To make it more interesting we're also including the Top Five bad TV dads.  Who do you think made this list?  Our list includes a variety of dads such as Archie Bunker but it also includes Ben Sisko, a Starfleet captain on Star Trek. List and discuss your choices here.

Wisdom of Our Fathers  
Although Mr. Russert is gone, he left us fathers with a great book to read. After the book Big Russ & Me, a book about his father, Tim Russert complied a book of everyday fathers from everyday people. The book is a best seller. While reading it I'm sure you will recall fond memories of your father and how your father took care of you and your family. Click the book cover to get the book.

Tim Russert, Moderator of NBC's Meet the Press

Hilarious Video of what Dads with Girls Needs  

We don't know if this video sold more trucks or cars but it is a great video of what every dad with a daughter wants to have when she goes on a date. Enjoy and discuss the video here.

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Funny Video

The New Father
Columnist Suzzane Cassidy states that fathers today are different. Fathers today are more involved with their children and their activities. In other words, we don't leave it all up to mom. Guys give yourself a back on the back and keep helping with your child's birthday parties. To read the article, click here.






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