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Games and Stories for Kids



Are you looking for some free interactive games and stories for your kids? We have included a list here that hopefully you and your kids will enjoy together.  

Storyplace: Great interactive stories for preschoolers. We really like "When Will Daddy Come Home".

Shepard Software: These games are fun and educational. Want to learn about geography, animals, and words, then this is a great place to visit.

Learning Planet: Games from PreK all the way up to 7th grade.

Bass Pro Kids Site: Games from the Bass Pro store for kids. Kids can also make crafts.

IdeaLocker: This is not really a gaming site but a site to help kids invent.

Starfall: Get the kids ready to read by visiting this site.

Preschool Express: Preschool activites for parents and teachers.

Magic Keys: These are not interactive stories but they are still good stories you can read to your child.

Museum of Modern Art: Your child can learn about modern art from these two interactive projects.

Literacy Center: Site has games to help start reading.

Bee an Author: Help your child become an author by creating a six-page story about a bee on this site. It really is fun.

Lego Games: Fun site with plenty of games from the people at Lego.

RIF Stories: Like their title says, Reading is Fundamental. They also have games too.




300 x 250 Animated


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