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Fountain of Youth?

Dads, we need to keep ourselves healthy, if not for us, then for our families. We need to find ways to stay fit, and have a lifestyle that is active.

But what if you could take a pill to help you keep your youthful glow? Researchers are now saying that is possible. And the magic pill? Omega-3 supplements. The latest heath news is now saying that omega-3 can help keep your cells young, thereby, making you appear young. Omega-3 can also have other health benefits such as easing joint inflammation, slowing memory decline, and reducing macular degeneration.

The keys to omega-3 supplements are the fatty acids call EPA and DHA. According to the research your supplement should have 1000mgs combined of those fatty acids. For more news about omega-3 and how it can keep you young, check out this video.








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